How Long Does It Really Take to Build a House

Even if you only have experience investing in established properties, there may still be something alluring about building a home from the ground up. This is a huge project, however – not only will you need to invest a substantial amount of funds and resources, but building a house is a massive time commitment, as well. If you’ve never built a property from scratch, it isn’t always easy to wrap your head around how long it takes.

How Long Does It Take to Build a House, On Average?

Of course, in order to figure out how long it will take to build a home, there are many factors you’ll need to consider. Some properties will take far longer to construct than others, depending on their size, layout, location, and more.

On average, a home will take around seven months to build. This doesn’t account for the amount of time it takes to plan and design the structure, however – that can take one to four additional months, typically. You’ll also need to consider the amount of time it’ll take to have the project authorized. This will often add another month to the project timeline.

Build Time and Home Type: Which Is Fastest?

From the day you begin planning to the final day of construction, it’s reasonable to expect the process to take around a year. Still, this is only an average. Certain types of properties will take longer to build than others.

Custom-built properties are usually going to be slower to construct than built-for-sale properties. Owner-built properties tend to come with the longest build-times, averaging at around a year. On the other hand, contractor-built properties are often a bit faster to construct. These will take approximately nine months to complete, from start to finish.

The fastest properties to build are often built-for-sale homes. Built-for-sale properties are a form of non-custom construction, which speeds up the building process. Generally, one of these houses will be ready to sell in around six months.

Before getting to work on your home building project, make sure you’ve created a realistic timeline for the process. Whenever you’re embarking on a project of this scale, it’s in your best interest to have realistic expectations from the get-go. For more information on building a home, get in touch with us today.