Why Cant You Sell Your Home

Chances are, if you’re currently trying to sell your home, you have a specific timeline in mind regarding its sale, closing, and your eventual purchase of a new home. It can be frustrating to have your home sit on the market for longer than you’d hoped without a sign of an interested buyer willing to take the plunge. In fact, you’re probably starting to wonder what aspects of your home are making it so difficult to sell? Are they things that can be corrected, or is your home sale out of your control?

Fortunately, a good portion of the time, it’s possible for sellers to make their homes more appealing to buyers—but first, you must identify things that could be preventing a sale. Here are the top reasons you could be struggling to sell your property.

It’s Priced Too High

Price can be a dealbreaker for many prospective buyers currently scouring the market. If your property is priced unreasonably high, the chance of selling it will plummet. In fact, overpricing is arguably one of the most detrimental errors a home seller can make.

Be careful when pricing your home. First, ensure that you understand how market value is actually determined—a lack of understanding in this area can lead sellers to overprice their homes without even realizing it. Then, set a price based on facts instead of what you believe your home is worth. To do this, you’ll need to consult with an experienced real estate agent. Your agent can perform a comparative market analysis on your property and find its accurate value.

You’re Not Marketing It Well

It’s important to consider whether your listing is suffering from a lack of marketing exposure. If your marketing materials aren’t being seen by prospective buyers, it’s unlikely that your property will sell anytime soon. Make sure your listings are easy to find, attractive, and stand out from other listings in your area. Focus on including high-quality photos to catch the eye of interested buyers.

It’s Not in Great Condition

If your property is in questionable condition, most buyers won’t be able to overlook the red flags they’re seeing whether or not you have a vision for how the space can be fixed up. Before putting your home on the market, make sure to conduct important repairs. Schedule a home inspection and address major issues before listing to improve the chances of a quick sale.

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