A sump pump is something all homes with basements and crawlspaces should have. It is a device that collects groundwater after a storm before it can flood your home. Without a properly working sump pump, rising groundwater could infiltrate your home’s foundation and cause serious property damage.

Test your sump pump regularly to make sure it’s always working effectively. Otherwise, you could come home to a flood. First, inspect the pipe that catches water the sump pump drains away from your home. Dirt or other debris clogging the pipe or drain could interfere with your pump.

Then, locate the sump pump and trace its cords to the electrical outlet. Test the pump by unplugging it and plugging in only the pump cord. The pump should run if it’s working. Finally, pour water slowly into the crock of your sump pump and observe. The switch should turn on and start pumping the water to the drain.